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Empowering Enrichment is built upon the belief that every child should have opportunities to enhance their education.

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Enrichment programs provide invaluable benefits for students. Increasingly, school districts are not able to incorporate programs and activities during the school day that afford students hands-on learning in areas above and beyond the core curriculum standards.

This is why enrichment programs are so important. They provide invaluable benefits that build strong roots for students that last a lifetime while filling the gap between traditional, curriculum-based education and experiential, interest-based learning that excites minds and ignites passions.

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of after school enrichment programs. From enhancing academic success, reducing future drop­out rates, and improving social and personal skills, the positive impact of these programs are innumerable. These benefits are key to the students of today becoming productive members of strong communities tomorrow. Unfortunately, for many families, these classes are financially out of reach.

Whether informational, athletic, or just for fun, these programs offer priceless support for students, families and local communities. Through donations from individuals and corporations, Empowering Enrichment provides financial resources to PTAs/PTOs, enrichment Providers and individual families to expand access for all students to engaging enrichment classes and programs.

Parents view afterschool programs as more than just a safe environment for children. They recognize that programs provide a wide range of activities and enriching learning opportunities for children.
—Key Finding: Afterschool Alliance. (2014). America After 3 PM: Afterschool Programs in Demand. Washington, D.C.

Who We Are

We are parents, teachers, employees, business owners, and leaders in our communities who see the value in exposing students to a myriad of enrichment activities. We are committed to helping kids discover who they want to be, what they want to accomplish, and how they will contribute to our world.

At Empowering Enrichment, we see a world where every child engages in enrichment programs beyond the classroom where they can expand their knowledge, further their passions and ignite their ideas to better prepare them for the future. Empowering Enrichment is dedicated to ensuring that all students and families have access to programs that help provide creativity and continuing educational opportunities.

Expanding access to afterschool and other extended learning programs which engage and enrich students will provide many more of our students with firm foundations for success. And it will help reduce stress on many working parents to know their children are safe and supervised.
—NEA President Dennis Van Roekel

What We Do

Empowering Enrichment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are built upon the belief that every child should have opportunities to enhance their education. Empowering Enrichment works with PTAs/PTOs at elementary and middle schools, with Providers of enrichment classes and camps, and directly with families with financial need to fund, in whole or in part, solutions to the scholarship needs and logistical challenges that impede more students accessing these vital programs. Contributions we receive from individuals and organizations fund the grant requests received to bring enrichment activities to more students.
Grant applications are reviewed and awarded by our Board of Directors 4 times a year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Nearly 45% of students who participate in Afterschool programs qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program.
—Afterschool Alliance.org

How You Can Help

Your tax deductible donation to Empowering Enrichment provides access to meaningful programs and scholarships for after school programs. By contributing to Empowering Enrichment, you become part of the solution by helping to create a successful path for students that benefits families and communities as well.

If you would like to create a partnership with a specific school, type of student, or defined geographic area, please contact us at info@empoweringenrichment.org.

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Participation in and demand for afterschool programs are much higher among children from low-income households ...Cost and lack of a safe way for their children to get to and come home from afterschool programs are barriers that low-income households...
—Key Finding: Afterschool Alliance. (2014) America After 3 PM: Afterschool Programs in Demand. Washington, D.C.